sol’s Ranting Space #1 – A Bad Day with a Touch of a Hilarious Message

I feel like whenever I blog, there is always something I rant about. So time for a ranting space, cause people need to vent and I am only human.

Well, I believe we all have those days, am I right? You know, those days where everything goes wrong, because the universe is plotting your demise behind your back and it feels like the next crack will break your back and then you will fall into black hole and return to nothingness? Well my day wasn’t that bad, but if any one feels like the above… I am sorry, but I just have no words of comfort other than… I hope ya feel better!

My day was more salty than anything really. lol
I’d honestly rather talk about something more happy and filled with rainbows, but… meh, screw that. ( ̄▽ ̄*)

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Shinai Naru Sekai e (English Lyrics) – Ceui

Shinai Naru Sekai e_Cover

Shinai Naru Sekai e
To the Dear World

Track 01 of the single Shin’ai Naru Sekai e.
The True End theme of the visual novel, Aiyoku no Eustia.

Vocals: Ceui
Lyrics: hanon
Composition: Ceui
Arrangement: Ceui


Silent night 降り続ける
Silent night furitsudukeru
A silent night descends down,

悲しみ ふりはらい
Kanashimi furiharai
Shaking off the sorrow

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Sound of Drop -fall into poison- Visual Novel Review

Sound of Drop Banner

Sound of Drop -fall into poison- (commonly known as Shizuku no Oto in Japan) is a suspense/horror visual novel developed by aiueo Kompany. It was released on May 05, 2014 in Japanese and the English release was on October 30, 2015.


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sol’s Weekly Update #6

Hey, minna-san! I’m back!

Blog & Site Update
My semester has finally come to an end, and since I will be taking a break for the most part this summer, I’ll finally be able to get around to finishing up that OZMAFIA!! review, among other things. I’m not completely taking a break, however, as while I have increased work hours, I’m also going to be doing some independent studying this summer with Japanese linguistics, along with practicing and improving my art skills as a Fine Art student. Even so, I really want to get back to posting here more frequently than I have, and I’m also going to try to get some more reviews in. I actually invested enough to purchase a PS Vita, as well as some more visual novel based games (namely otome)! You can see the games I plan to review here.

I know I still have a lot of games to get to, but with more time on my hands, I’ll be trying to knock a few of them off the TO-DO list. To be honest, most of my free-time during the Spring semester was taken up by, well… just blame it all on Nier:Automata and Persona 5. Because, man… you gotta admit that those two are ADDICTIVE!! One. does. not. simply. stop. playing. them. ( ・᷄ㅂ・᷅ )

With that being said, OZMAFIA!!’s review is nearly done, I have long finished the game, and I’m just needed to add some finishing touches. The game itself was a rather interesting concept, but I will save my opinions on it for the review. I will say though that the character reviews go by pretty quick. As they tend to be quite similar in format. Yeah, I’m sure you can probably tell how this review will go if there wasn’t something that stood out in each, if not, most routes.

I’ll try to have the character reviews and the overall review up by sometime next week, the end of next week being the latest.

I’m still not sure which game to start next. But I’ll probably start Shizuku no Oto, since it is a relatively short game (2-10 hours).

That rounds up this week’s update. As always minna-san, stay frosty. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

S×W -soul world- (English Lyrics) – Luna Haruna & KOTOKO


S×W -soul world-

Track 01 of the single S×W.

Vocals: Luna Haruna, KOTOKO
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: Tomoyuki Ogawa
Arrangement: Sorao Mori


そうさ 時を超えきっと僕らは出会えた
Sou sa toki wo koe kitto bokura wa deaeta
That’s right, surely we’ve met beyond time,

Sono imi wo sagashite…
While searching for that meaning…

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Mi・Rai・Rei・Geki (English Lyrics) – Yuuki Hiro


Encouraging Future

Track 10 of the album Senkaiden Houshin Engi Character Image Song Collection Houshin Project “Kaen II”.

Vocals: Taikoubou (CV: Yuuki Hiro)
Lyrics: Keiko Kimoto
Composition: Masatoshi Sakashita
Arrangement: Sho Goshima


駆け上がれよ 風を起こせよ
Kake agare yo kaze wo okose yo
Hurry and run, let’s raise up some wind

Asu wa matsu mono janai
Tomorrow can hardly wait!

立ち上がれよ 時を刻めよ
Tachiagare yo toki wo kizame yo
Come on get up, shred right through time

未来はその手で 引きよせろ
Mirai wa sono te de hikiyosero
The future is held within my hands

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