intersection (English Lyrics) – Mami Kawada



Track 02 of the single FIXED STAR.

Vocals: Mami Kawada
Lyrics: Mami Kawada
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki


失墜の音が鳴り響く この蒼天に
Shittsui no oto ga narihibiku kono souten ni
In this azure sky where sounds of forfeiture resound,

Raimei wa boku no unmei sae mo hikisaku no ka
Does the thunder even break apart my destiny?

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Utakata no Hana (English Lyrics) – marina


Utakata no Hana
Ephemeral Flower

Track 02 of the single Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai.

Vocals: marina
Lyrics: Tairayoo
Composition: Riko Ohashi
Arrangement: Riko Ohashi


Musubu kizuna wo tadori
As people follow after the bonds that tie them together

Hito wa hikari sagasu
They search for the light

Meguru kisetsu ja totemo
Once this revolving season is over

Sono ato wo kesenai
The indelible scars will surface

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Amai Mitsu no Naka de (English Lyrics) – Yumi Kakazu & Matsuda Yuuki


Amai Mitsu no Naka de
Indulging in Sweet Nectar

Track 06 of the album Senkaiden Houshin Engi Character Image Song Collection Houshin Project “Kaen I”.

Vocals: So Dakki (CV: Yumi Kakazu), Chuu Ou (CV: Matsuda Yuuki)
Lyrics: Miho Matsuba
Composition: Hiroshi Imaizumi
Arrangement: Hiroshi Imaizumi


Hana wa chou wo madowasu no yo
The flower deceives the butterfly

Amai mitsu no kaori de
With the sweet scent of nectar

Kuchibiru nurasu gurasu
And wet glass-like lips

ねえ 乾杯! (ねぇ 乾杯!)
Nee Kanpai!! (Nee Kanpai!)
Hey, cheers!! (Hey, cheers!)

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A PROOF OF BIRTH (English Lyrics) – Miyata Kouki


Tanjou no Akashi

Track 09 of the album Senkaiden Houshin Engi Character Image Song Collection Houshin Project “Kaen I”.

Vocals: Li Nataku (CV: Miyata Kouki)
Lyrics: Tetsuo Kudoh
Composition: Hitoshi Haba
Arrangement: Masaki Iwamoto


Yoru goto afureru kono munashisa to
Every night is overflowing with emptiness

Itami no wake wa nan da?
What is the reason for this pain?

Kaze ni yureteru konoha mitai ni
Just like a tree’s leaves swaying in the wind

Damatte tachi mukawa na kereba…
I fight against this silence…

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Hagatama・Taimou (English Lyrics) – Yuuki Hiro


Steel Spirit・Ambition

Track 01 of the album Senkaiden Houshin Engi Character Image Song Collection Houshin Project “Kaen II”.

Vocals: Taikoubou (CV: Yuuki Hiro)
Lyrics: Keiko Kimoto
Composition: Daglas Karmit
Arrangement: Sho Goshima


突き進め 撃ち放て
Tsuki susume uchi hanate
Lunge forward, aim and fire

Yamiyo wo kirisaku ya wa hagane
The steel arrow that cuts through the dark night

振り向くな 怯えるな
Furimuku na obieru na
Don’t turn around, don’t be frightened

Mayoi wo kirisaku tamashii yo
It’s soul cuts through the hesitation

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SHO×EN (English Lyrics) – Eri Kitamura



Track 01 of the album SHO×MEI.

Vocals: Eri Kitamura
Lyrics: Hiroko Yamasaki
Composition: Hiroko Yamasaki
Arrangement: Eiji Kawai, Hiroko Yamasaki



(I Decided)


正真 貫く感情ノ先ニ見えたモノ (Just My Feelings)
Shoushin tsuranuku kanjou no saki ni mieta mono (Just My Feelings)
I confirmed what I saw, as it pierced through my feelings from before (Just My Feelings)

残像 鮮やぎ上等ニ仰げる誓いヨ (Keep It Alive)
Zanzou azayagi joutou ni aogeru chikai yo (Keep It Alive)
An afterimage of the esteemed oath I had made to persevere (Keep It Alive)

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sol’s Weekly Update #4

Hiya! Unfortunately, due to work related reasons, the week before last I wasn’t able to get a weekly update in Sunday. I did miss Sunday for the previous week, but here it is now, better late than never!

Blog Update
My classes are coming up in August. I’m not too sure how it’s going to cut into everything, but given how my classes are scheduled, I may be able to get plenty of work done and have free time on my days off. We’ll see.

Site Update
So just yesterday it was announced that there is going to be a remake of the 1999 anime of the manga, Houshin Engi! I’ve been ready for this since 2007, you guys. I’ve been ready for 10 years! Actually, here is a funny story here that kind of made me feel like I was in the Twilight Zone. So, the news about the Houshin Engi anime remake was announced July 31, 2017. I just realized a few hours later when I was working on the Houshin Engi wiki I started up four years ago, that I started it in… wait for it… July 31, 2013. That’s, uh… quite the coincidence. Am I psychic? Like, that actually creeped me out a bit. Holy– o.O

Anyway, Houshin Engi is my all-time favorite manga! I LOVE it! So this news made my day. I had to deal with some super annoying people a few hours later, and even they couldn’t ruin my mood, and I have very little patience with people. In response to this announcement, I’ll be trying to pay attention to any more news as it comes and post it here. I’ll also be translating ALL lyrics for the music of the old 1999 anime, this INCLUDES character songs. Truth be told, I actually already translated the majority of them, but I’ll finish the rest up and post them all here. I started them since there were only about a couple or so translated, so I’m going to stop being selfish and share them with others.

Of the current character songs I have translated from the 1999 anime, I have completed all but one of the first character album, and I have four more to do on the second album.

That rounds up this week’s update. As always minna-san, stay frosty. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬