Anime Review ー Aiura


Aiura is a short anime adapted from a Four-panel Manga of the same name. The anime is directed by Nakamura Ryousuke, produced by Pony Canyon and is 12 episodes in length with a 3 min. duration each. Aiura started broadcast in Japan on April 10, 2013 and ended on June 25, 2013.

I know this review is 2 weeks early, however, there isn’t much to cover. After the series airs its final two episodes, I will revamp this if need be.

First Impressions

At first, I was expecting a little bit of a slightly above average rating. But I was surprised to find that it was a short 3 min. anime come April 10th. I didn’t let that discourage me completely, and so I believed it could still pull it off. Did it? Well…


The story centers around Amaya, Iwasawa, and Uehara—three “annoying, spirited high school girls with zero motivation”—and their classmates. Their daily life is “what happens when there is nothing happening.” (Source: ANN)

Nothing special. If anything, this is the typical setup these days for 3 min. anime that really have no point to them. They are just for comedic purposes. Some are better than others with more interesting characters and/or better “story” if that’s what you want to call it for this little short mini anime.
Score: 4/10


There are only 3 characters to be mentioned. Others really aren’t important or even worth mentioning. The three main characters, as Aiura’s synopsis says, are annoying, spirited, and have zero motivation. Even though I’m one myself, I guess this is how high school girls are supposed to act? Because this is a very common setup for slice-of-life/school anime, especially in terms of high-school female characters. Its so common, there is very little one can do to make these characters appealing anymore, and its especially hard to do for anime with such little duration.

Amaya Kanaka:
She is the most annoying and spirited of the bunch. When it comes to anime with the slice-of-life, comedy, and school genres focusing around a group of girls, there is always at least one that stands out and has the most crazy, random, and just plain stupid ideas or things to say; that would be Amaya. Sad to say… but her little brother is a far more interesting character then her.

Iwasawa Saki:
A very nonchalant girl. She is the one who isn’t annoying, nor spirited, but she definitely has zero motivation. Iwasawa doesn’t appear to care much about what Amaya says or does, and tends to ignore her the majority of the time.

Uehara Ayuko:
Most neutral of the bunch. She is a polite and kind girl. It feels as though she doesn’t get enough attention, kind of like everything centers around Amaya and Iwasawa. She isn’t much of a main character…
Score: 3/10

Art & Animation

Nothing much to say about the art; it is average, except for the opening. As far as everything goes for the opening sequence, the beginning is just annoying to watch with a weird stop-motion-like animation. Also, unrelated topic, but what’s with the crabs?
Score: 5/10


Music sounds like something straight out of all comedic school-life anime, nothing special and just average. Opening and ending are quite cute and a little catchy, but if I had only one complaint regarding the sound, it would be Amaya’s voice. Sadly, I’m just not liking the seiyuu, Yui Nakajima. Her voice for Amaya sounds… unnatural for some reason. I can’t exactly put it into words, but she stands out… WAY too much. And I know she is a new VA, and I’ve noticed that people seem to like her in Aiura… hate me if you must for this.
Score: 5/10


I can’t exactly say that I disliked watching Aiura, but it was certainly anything but interesting. I don’t exactly understand the concept of the crabs in the opening sequence nor do I find the characters ending up within a mile anywhere on my favorite characters list. Considering how short it is, it wasn’t possible to drop it since it came out once a week. Had it been a regular anime being 20+ minutes, than I couldn’t have possibly finished it. The jokes are pretty lame, I barely laughed… no forget that, I barely smiled through it all.
Score: 5/10

Concluding Thoughts

A little below average, in my opinion. Since it is really short, 3 minutes per episode and 12 episodes in total, its hard to drop it. There still isn’t much to say about it, except, “what the hell is up with the crabs in the opening?!” Aiura is basically just trying to be comedic relief, although it kind of fails at it. There are some jokes that may make you giggle or smile at them, but other than that the rest are plain dumb or just not good at all.

Anime Rating: 4

Okay. Not the best, but the lowest grade that might make it through to the end and not end up dropped; depends on the person. It has potential, but lacks a major, a couple, or a variety of the common features such as story, characters, music/sound, art, animation. Either way, there is at least one thing that is executed correctly and decently. Also the most likely to be given a second chance. Watch at your own risk.


2 thoughts on “Anime Review ー Aiura

  1. You forgot the fact that the ending means that each episode is actually only 2 minutes of content. Though I’m not sure if the show would be that much better if it got more time; it’s no Hidamari Sketch.

    • True. Though like you said, more time wouldn’t make it any better. It’d only mean more dumb jokes and cliched gags, which I wouldn’t want to watch. If they actually put thought into the humor, then it might have actually had some potential, but not as much if it were a full, well executed, 20+ minutes anime.

      I haven’t seen Hidamari Sketch, but I think it is on my “To Watch List.” Any school comedy has got to be better than Aiura… >>

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