Anime Review ー Miss Monochrome

Miss Monochrome

Miss Monochrome is an original character design by seiyuu, Yui Horie. The anime is directed by Iwasaki Yoshiaki, produced by TV Tokyo and is 13 episodes in length, and has a 4 min. duration for each episode. Miss Monochrome started broadcast in Japan on October 2, 2013 and ended on December 25, 2013.

First Impressions


Honestly, I didn’t really have much interest in this at the start. To be more accurate, I really only added it to my list because it was short and looked like it’d be okay. There wasn’t any real premise to the story aside from Miss Monochrome trying to become an idol, so I was kind of skeptical about watching it, because I wasn’t certain if it would be entertaining.


“In order to be more in the eyes of the public, Miss Monochrome begins working to become a top-selling idol. Spacey Miss Monochrome once again runs around the idol show biz world, being tossed around by others.” (Source: ANN)

This is a plot one would expect from Miss Monochrome. Especially since Miss Monochrome has been around for a bit before the anime as Yui Horie’s character, who is an idol aside from being a seiyuu. There isn’t really much to the plot. Monochrome wanting to become an idol is about as far as you get into it. Every episode her manager manages to find her some work while she manages to screw it all up. There are also a few irrelevant episodes that just feature Miss Monochrome doing… strange things, such as randomly saving the world from Aliens without even knowing it. The plot has nothing going for it and most may find it too tedious. I understand that this is a short anime, being only 4 minutes in length, but I have seen much better results from others of its kind.
Score: 5/10


This is probably the weakest point of the anime. Even more so than the plot. The characters have no character development, not to mention no character. We don’t get much insight on them, except a bit from Miss Monochrome, who is just really apathetic.

Miss Monochrome:
Miss Monochrome is a robot idol who dreams of becoming successful and well known. In the beginning she was betrayed by her manager, Mana-chan, who ended up tricking Monochrome into giving her a 19.3 billion yen investment and ran off with it. She lost her mansion, not having any money to pay the house payment. Miss Monochrome then runs into Maneo and makes him her manager, as well as getting a job at the convenience store he manages. She is constantly trying her best to become a popular idol, but she always screws up the work Maneo gets her.

Maneo “Manager”:
Maneo is a manager at a convenience store, which Miss Monochrome at first mistook him for an actual manager for show biz. He acts as Miss Monochrome’s manager and finds her work that she ends up messing up in the end.

A little robot and close friend (family?) of Miss Monochrome. She is in the form of a little vacuum.
Score: 4/10

Art & Animation


The art is okay. It isn’t bad, but there isn’t anything grand about it. It is just basic animation at its best. The ending animation with Miss Monochrome dancing isn’t that bad at all, I actually really like it since the animation looks so fluid and the dancing so realistic.
Score: 5/10



This is the best attribute of the series. Having said that, the background music really doesn’t stand out much at all. At best, its average. The ending, on the other hand, is catchy. We do have some pretty good and well known voice actors, such as Fujiwara Keiji and, of course, Yui Horie. While they do a good job with the acting, it doesn’t help to improve much of anything on this series. Sadly, there really isn’t much to say on this at all…
Score: 6/10


Did I thoroughly enjoy this anime, despite its many shortcomings? Not really, but not really no either. It was okay, I personally won’t watch it again. There were some moments were I would giggle at the stuff Monochrome does, but most of the time I found myself face-palming or head-desking… If this series was any longer, I wouldn’t have watched it. But if it is one thing it has accomplished, it beats that lame excuse for an anime, Teekyuu, any day… actually, never mind… EVERYTHING beats Teekyuu. (╯’□’)╯︵ nnʎʞǝǝ⊥
Score: 5/10

Concluding Thoughts


“Miss Monochrome is a pretty straightforward anime,” that is probably the nicest comment I could make. It is pretty average when you look at the overall picture of it, some would even go as far as to say bad. There are so many pointless moments, such as Ruu-chan “dying” and Miss Monochrome burying her, only for us all to see Ruu-chan in future episodes as though nothing happened. I guess Miss Monochrome realized off-screen that Ruu-chan just needed some new batteries, but it was just so pointless either way. Some people may enjoy this series, if so, good for you, but others may just ignore it due to the dull plot and lack of character in the characters. There are plenty of funny short series out there that are consistent and have a good plot going for them, as well as giving their characters some personality. Unfortunately though, I wouldn’t file Miss Monochrome under that bunch. At least Aiura, which lacks a thing called a plot, made some of their characters stand out. What they should have done, was ditch the anime idea and just made Miss Monochrome a new vocaloid. (Monoroid?)

Anime Rating: 5

Not too bad. Executed well enough to avoid dropping, but nothing grand about it. Basically a shrug and scratch to the head is all I can give in response to it. Not an anime I’d recommend.


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