Still Alive!

Okay, so I finally updated what needs to be updated for the season and seasons to come, such as setting up the anime review page with the current reviews I plan to do for this season and the list of anime I am watching, and my anticipated anime that are to come.

There is still much to be updated in the meantime and man am I having a hard time figuring out how to edit my menus above the banner. I try but it keeps making me a new one and all I want to do is rename one… WordPress can you make it easier for me, please. Also, why is it that when I am editing widgets it slows down and updates it for me as I go, like WTH? I struggle to type as it highlights my text. I miss me having to click ‘Update’ to do it, but now it does it automatically, which really annoys me. Unless I’m being some butt hurt person who doesn’t know how to turn that feature off. ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Edit: Well figured out how to change the menu names… right after I posted this. lol

I’ll look more into later, right now it is late and I’m tired and needing someone to take a running leap at my back to straighten up my spine from work. My co-worker and crush offered to, but he thinks he’d break my spine in the process. With him being a football player back in high school, he wouldn’t break it, he’d shatter it. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Anyway, back to business: So as the banner image stated, I’ll only be writing reviews for anime that interest me during a season. As what is the point in writing a review for something that doesn’t motivate you. Now this doesn’t mean that I’ll only have positive stuff to say during reviews, as all shows have some flaws. It’s just that this shows caught my eye in some way and I do enjoy watching them to a degree. Like Rewrite for example: I’ll be frank… I’m disappointed. I really was hyped for it being Key and my love for the visual novel and all, but let’s just say that after the first two episodes, that hype shifted to 91 Days (I love it, minna-san!!!<3333). I still watch it because it’s Key and I’m curious as to how it will all play out. Pretty much all there is to say on it for now.


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