Namida no Nai Sekai (English Lyrics) – AAA


Namida no Nai Sekai
A World Without Tears

Track 01 of the single Namida no Nai Sekai.

Vocals: AAA
Lyrics: Kyasu Morizuki
Composition: Hirofumi Hibino
Arrangement: ats-, Toru Watanabe, Takehito Shimizu


Nee tamerai gachi na futari
Hey, the two of us who are hesitating

Chuu wo mau yubi ga
With our fingers fluttering in the air,

Sou fureau toki
Yes, the moment they touched

Hajimari no itoshi sa wo shitta yo
I knew of love for the first time

Nee seikai to machigai no aimai na sakai
Hey, the ambiguous boundary between right and wrong

Sou fumikoetete mo
Yes, even if we were to cross over it

Kitto dare mo wakaranai
Surely no one would know


Kimi no koe ni mimi wo sumashite mo
Even if I can hear your voice

Kimi no egao me wo korashite mite mo
Even if I try to see your smile

Kimi no kokoro furete miyou to shite mo
Even if I try to touch your heart

Kimi ni todoki wa shinai
I’m not able to reach you


Namida no nai sekai ga aru no nara
If there’s a world without tears

Ima sugu ni boku wo michibiite
Then right now, I would like for you to take me there

Kimi ga inai mirai de hitorikiri
In a future without you, I’m all alone

Mounidoto meguriaenai
We can never meet again,

Ai wo sagashiteru…
I’m searching for love…


Nee yuki no ue ni kizanda ashiato wa marude
Hey, the footprints that have been carved on top of the snow

Sou toki totomo ni kiete iku itoshisa no you de
Yes, they seem just like the love that disappears within time

Nee futari de egaite kita omoide no hibi ga
Hey, the memories that we’ve drawn out of the days spent

Sou eien ni tsuzuku nante omoiagarida ne
Yes, we had thought that they were going to last forever


叫び声は背に消えていく 触れてみても
Sakebigoe wa se ni kieteiku furete mite mo
Even if you can touch it, the cries seem to fade away

Fureta kanshoku dake
That’s the only feeling that I’ve touched

その名前を何度も 呼ぶよいつか
Sono namae wo nando mo yobu yo itsuka
No matter how many times, I’ll call out your name

Kimi ni todoku toki made…
Until it finally reaches you…


Namida no nai sekai ga aru no nara
If there’s a world without tears

今更でも 君と生きていい
Imasara demo kimi to ikitai
Even now, I want to live with you

幻でもただの夢 でもいい
Maboroshi demo tada no yume demo ii
Even if it’s just an illusion or even just a dream

Mouichido ano hi no kimi ni hohoende hoshii
Once more, I want to smile with you, like on that day


Atarimae ni soko ni mieta keshiki wo
Right over there you can see

Keshiki wo yuki ga shiroku yogoshite wa kieta
The scenery that the snow had naturally stained with white and then disappeared

Nan man kai mo dakishimeta kotoba ni
I embraced those words tens of thousands of times

Ano hi no taion wa mou nai yo
No longer do I possess the warmth of my body on that day

Iro mo aji mo nioi mo nani mo kamo ushinatta
Color, taste, and smell, I lost it all

Kono machi no you ni
Just like this town


I’ll be there forever

Kimi wo tsutsumu kaze no you ni
Like this wind that wraps around you


Egao no nai sekai wo iku nara
If I have to traverse to a world without smiles

Kono mama kimi no soba ni itai…
I want to be by your side, as is…

Maboroshi demo tada no yume demo ii
Even if it’s just an illusion or even just a dream

Mouichido ano hi no kimi ni hohoende hoshii
Once more, I want to smile with you, like on that day


Sasayaka na hanataba
The modest bouquet

Kaze ni mau hanabira
A petal that dances in the wind

Kimi ni niteru kaori
This aroma that resembles you

Hakanai omoi
They’re ephemeral memories


I’ve recently discovered this song and I’m absolutely in love with it! I don’t dislike AAA’s music, but I do find it difficult to find a song from them that I really get into, and this one got me. Also, I’m not 100% positive on the names for the lyrics, composition, and arrangement credits. I couldn’t really find much information on that, but I’ll try looking around again later any more information. If I can’t find anything, I’ll just leave it as it is.

Originally, I was looking for translated lyrics on this song and while I did find some, my reason for translating it myself is the fact that of the few lyrics I had found one had some missing stanzas that were completely left out and thus weren’t translated and another from an Official lyric site that just looked like someone put the Kanji in Google Translate and took those translations as is. So I went ahead and translated my own version so I could better understand the song myself. And since I spent a few hours on translating, why not post my translation here, right? Gives me an excuse to post something. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

All in all, I had fun translating this song. As for the other two songs that I previously mentioned that I had completed ages ago, I’m on vacation now so I will be sure to get to have them posted within a couple of days. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I’ll probably not be able to do so. Don’t tell my father, but I bought him a giant cookie that’s like 3x the size of his head. Shhh, it’s a surprise!

Anyway, that is about it for the blog portion of this post. As always you guys, stay frosty!




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