Upcoming Visual Novel Reviews (Part 2)

Following up my previous post from yesterday, or rather last night/early EARLY morning, I’m adding two more visual novels to the list of planned reviews. And here they are…
The first new edition to my list is, OZMAFIA!!. OZMAFIA!! is an otome game, and a rather big one at that. There are apparently 10 routes to play, followed up by a Grand Ending route, I think. I’m still researching it a bit to figure out how to fully complete it in order to give a proper review. I have, however, figured out all the routes and the order of which I will need to play them. You can view the order I have selected here: ╰( ⁰ ਊ ⁰ )━☆゚.*・。゚)゚O゚)

I hear it’s also rather complicated, or at the very least a pain in the royal arse to complete. For example, the three Oz family boys require a love triangle to occur in order to get all possible CGs. Basically, I believe you need to play through it about six times with them: Caramia VS Kyrie, Caramia VS Axel, Kyrie VS Caramia, Kyrie VS Axel, and lastly, Axel VS Caramia, Axel VS Kyrie. Of course, the first guy being the one who’s route you are currently taking and the second being the love rival in said route. And add three more times to that, as I will also play it through each of their routes without the love rivalry going on, out of curiosity.

I really wanted to leave Caesar’s route last, since he is technically the “antagonist” or something like that. But I hear that Soh’s should be played last before the Grand Ending and Caesar’s route before Soh’s. I haven’t really gone in to read about why, but apparently the Grand Ending route has some really major spoilers and is the reason everyone suggests Soh’s last, so I’m just going to roll with it. Also, I don’t want to jump ahead, but I’m pretty sure that Scarlet and Robin Hood might end up as my favorites. ☚(゚ヮ゚☚)

Also… the art kind of reminds me of Diabolik Lovers. Which is another visual novel I’m dying to play at some point in my life.


Finally, the last visual novel I’m adding to this list is…
Sound of Drop
Sound of Drop -fall into poison-, also known as Shizuku no Oto in Japan. I’ve heard some interesting things about Sound of Drop, but I haven’t really read too much into it. All I know is that you shouldn’t let the image above fool you as this game is pretty messed up. I’ve heard that the game has a lot of Psychological/horror elements and is pretty gory. Also, despite being apparently pretty short (VNDB lists it as taking anywhere from 2-10 hours) it has 31 different possible endings. Of those endings it has 4 True Endings and 27 Bad Endings. Th-that’s a lot of bad endings. ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

Either way, given the other games I’m playing I’m pretty sure this one will mix things up a bit to help add a bit of diversity into my list of games. Last thing I want to say about this game… I’m in love with the opening theme! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


Well, I’m pretty sure I’m done now. Of course, I do have tons of other visual novels that I do have and plan to play/re-play eventually and review. Like The Devil on G-String and a few others, but those will have to wait for a bit. As always minna-san, stay frosty!


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