Upcoming Visual Novel Reviews

So recently, Steam started their Summer Sale, and so I went and purchased a few visual novels that I’ve had in my wishlist for quite some time. I will doing reviews on them all after I finish each one, so let’s talk about them for a bit.
First on the list is, Amnesia: Memories. I’ve been dying to play this game for a very long time, since it first came out in Japan, actually. Before it became available on Steam, I had found an English fan-translation patch available. However, for some reason, I wasn’t able to get it to work. So when it came out on Steam, I added it to my wishlist intending to buy it someday soon. Honestly, I kind of forgot about it… (out-of-sight, out-of-mind, you know?) But when I was notified about Steam’s Summer sale, I was checking out the discounts on everything and when I saw Amnesia’s discounted price… I couldn’t let an opportunity to purchase it pass. Amnesia is normally $29.99, but I got it for $2.99! Hell yes! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

I also watched the anime, back when it came out in Winter 2013, so I do pretty much know the story already… and I have read walkthroughs and stuff on it… so yeah. I mean, come on this was back when I thought I’d never get the chance to play it. At least I never really watched Playthroughs on it or anything.

Since Amnesia got on Steam, I really do hope other visual novels become available too, especially the other Amnesia games such as Later, Crowd, and World. Not to mention there are so many Otome (and non-otome) games that I want to play, but due to my not being fluent in Japanese, that’d be pretty difficult. At least Key has caught on to expanding their market to the West, if only other companies would take after them. I do know that there are quite a few ‘big name’ visual novels available, like The Devil on G-String, CLANNAD, Planetarian, The Fruit of Grisaia, etc. But really, I wish they’d include more newer and/or lesser known ones as well. Truthfully, I just want more Otome. ╭( ・ㅂ・)ง ̑̑ ˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾✩


Next on the list is…
Blood Code
I fudging swear… that logo was NOT fun to cut out and render. Back on topic now, Blood Code is a Chinese visual novel. I normally avoid these, simply because I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I just… don’t like listening to Chinese voice acting. Like I said, I don’t know what it is, like really I mean no offense to anyone, I’m just not a fan. But Blood Code caught my attention with it’s art and story, so I thought I’d give it a try. I got it for only $4.46 thanks to the Summer sale on Steam, and that includes the bundle value with the original soundtrack and costume pack. And I must say, I actually do think the voice acting in Blood Code isn’t that bad. But that is just judging from me playing for about a minute or so in the beginning. I’m also not normally a big indie game fan, but hey, it looks pretty dang good.


Dandelion! I love this game… and to be honest. I actually played it already. (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)
I played this game a few years back when it first came out in English. And I finished it, yep. But I have re-played it a lot, and this time when I play through it again, I’m going to give a proper review here. Also, I’ll admit, originally I downloaded the game via a fan-translation, and I still have it on my computer, lol. But with this sale, and since I never knew until the other day that it is available on Steam (And I wanted that freaking original soundtrack so bad…), I purchased it and the DLC original soundtrack to support the creators (I love this game so much!). Anyway, it’s a Korean visual novel and is actually what first introduced me to Korean media, primarily Korean webtoons (Don’t ask how that coincides with it).

This game is really fun and can be a bit of a challenge at times. Dandelion is the first visual novel I’ve played that has the system where you choose who you want to interact with, which depending on your actions, affects their affection towards you. Not to mention, even without interacting with the potential love interests, you still have to maintain so much in order to get a good ending and unlock certain features. Apart from maintaining a certain amount of affection with your love interest of choice, you also have to keep stress down from your school work when it gets too high by studying and resting when your pressure bar gets too high, otherwise you will get an instant Game Over. If that wasn’t enough, certain characters require a minimum level of any of the following skills: Femininity, Beauty, and Art. Oh, and you thought I was done? Just you wait, there is more! If you want to unlock some extra features you also have to make time to collect 30 stamps of your love interest during their route, which you do by going out on dates with them on the weekends. Keep in mind, certain characters can be really difficult, as some may not be available on certain days and then there is one who is a royal ass-hat that disappears near the end of the game and practically doesn’t show back up until about a month or so until the end. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

Here is my advice if you are thinking of playing this game and want to fully complete it: In the beginning of the game, work your part-time job whenever your stress and pressure bars are low and you acquire the minimum amount of affection from your love-interest. Don’t do it every day, but rather every other day if you can, the days you don’t work, you work on your skills needed. This way you can save up and purchase Eye-drops. These will improve your vision so you will find more stamps, and you will need a good amount of them, and they cost about $200 in-game. Sell all your unneeded items as well to accumulate money to buy them. Then later in the game when you go on dates, you’ll find more stamps. I also suggest saving before going out of the date, as you are not always guaranteed to find stamps. Basically, just save before and then re-load back if you don’t find at least 2 or 3 stamps for each date. It’s probably best to go to the beach for the dates, as even if you don’t find 3 stamps total, there’s a chance that there will be pearls available to pick up, which you can sell for a pretty decent amount to get more Eye-drops! I HIGHLY suggest taking this advice and getting the majority of the stamps out of the way as soon as you can if you are playing the ass-hat’s Jiyeon’s route, this is because he tends to be very elusive. (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( o°o)


It’s about dang time I get to this one. And that logo was just as much of a pain to cut out and render as Blood Code’s… Okay so, a really dear friend of mine from MyAnimeList, bought this game, as well as it’s sequel for me for my birthday one year. I’m only just now getting around to being able to play it… Sumimasen, Gomu-kun! Watashi no warui desu… ・゚・ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ・゚・(○ノдノ)

I’ve actually played a bit of it, and I really like it thus far. So I’m excited to do a review of it later. I have also heard that there is a 3rd game in the works, Fault – Silence the Pedant, a prequel to the whole series. And I think there are future games being planned as well.


Now then, with all of that said, reviews will be released moderately. With Amnesia, Blood Code, and Dandelion, I will be doing individual reviews on the character routes first, covering all the possible endings for each, and then once I have completed all the routes, I will post a full review on the entire game. Also, I know that I still have Little Busters! and Rewrite to do. I’ve already read both ages ago, so I will need to play through them again, which will take a while given how long they are, especially Rewrite. But I will get to them eventually.

For now, stay frosty minna-san!


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