sol’s Weekly Update #1

As I mentioned before in an earlier post, I will try and do weekly updates. These updates will be posted on Sundays, which to me is pretty much the end of the week (I always go Monday-Sunday, I know some people go Sunday-Saturday though…)

The posts for the weekly update will pretty much just consist of a lot of random events that have happened in the duration of the week. It will also include updates on things I’m working on, such as reviews or anything else I plan on posting later. I’m trying to be more active here, so hopefully this will light a fire under my butt and get things rolling. Even though I still have so much on my plate already, I do enjoy posting here on this blog, so I would like to put more effort into it.

So now that the introduction to the whole purpose behind these weekly posts, let’s get started with it.
Not too much has happened over the course of this week. But there are some things worth mentioning that have made me really happy, so I’ll start with those and they may branch off a bit, but whatever. First off, this week was my vacation week for work. Sadly, it ended today and I had to go back to work, but it was a really nice break that I desperately needed to de-stress and get what needed to get done, done. I have a lot going on that gets in the way of really important things that I really need to get done, such as getting into the Fall semester for college. Basically there’s a lot of personal things involved regarding to my stress, so I won’t say anymore of that. All in all, this vacation week has been very good for me and I needed it very badly. To be honest, I’m surprised my job gives paid vacation to part-timers like myself, especially since it’s a grocery store… Not that I’m complaining about getting one, of course.

Going back to work today was a pain after being out for about a week, but this brightened me up in an instant! Okay, story time you guys, gather around while sol-sama begins her story-telling! So before I can actually say what made my day today, there is a story that leads up to this. Back when I first started working my part-time job in 2015 (remember I work in a grocery store), there was this security guard we had, who for anonymity we will call Mr. K, who’s a really nice man that I enjoyed conversing with when we weren’t busy or while I was on break. Mr. K knew all about my art and loved the stuff I made (I’ll cover my artistic hobbies another time) and would always ask me if I made anything new. He’s such a nice man, he would always walk our female co-workers to their cars if they worked the late night shifts to make sure that they made it to their car safely, and no one with a heart would ever wish ill upon this guy. I mean, heck I don’t like people that much, and I think this guy is awesome, perfect role model for what all humans should aspire to, he’s that nice of a guy! So one day I began wondering why I hadn’t seen him around in a while and so I asked a co-worker if he knew if he had left or something. Now this co-worker of mine was well known to be a bit of a clown. The type that you would not completely take seriously, and he told me this bizarre story that I didn’t really believe… but later when I asked a couple other co-workers I knew pretty well, they confirmed it was true. (・_・ヾ

Basically, one day when I wasn’t at work, there was this couple parked right in front of the store and stealing plants we were selling. Yes… they were stealing plants… freaking plants. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that neither of them had a single bit of green in their thumb. Anyway, Mr. K, being the security guard, naturally confronted them and when doing so, they tried to get away. The girlfriend was in the driver’s seat while they boyfriend had been loading the car up with the plants. Mr. K got in front of the car so they wouldn’t get by, and so the boyfriend was yelling to his girlfriend to step on the gas, which she didn’t want to do. The boyfriend then gets into the driver’s seat instead and taps on the break to try and “nudge” Mr. K out of the way, but he wouldn’t move. Then the guy puts down on the accelerator a little too hard and knocks Mr. K over before finally driving off… Yes, this all really happened, I can’t make this crazy shit up.

Ultimately what ended up happening after they drove off was that this one guy who saw all this happen drove after them with the police on the phone and giving them details such as the license plate number and car description. What happened after that, I don’t know. I’m guessing they caught them, but I don’t know entirely. All this over some fucking plants… I mean, really people?! Really?! Sigh, but back to Mr. K. Apparently the impact of the car hitting him when that guy knocked him over really banged up his knee to the point where Mr. K had to have surgery on it. And so that was why I didn’t see him for so long. I later heard word that he wasn’t returning to our store and transferred to another one of our stores after he was able to get back to work, and so that kind of saddened me that he wasn’t going to be coming back… but plot twist, he’s back! It’s been about over a year since the incident and I ran into him today as I came in for my shift. He told me that he’s back for good as the security guard again and that just made my day, especially since come my break time it was just like the good old times, chatting with each other. I missed you, Mr. K! Best security guard I know, I hope you got a hell of a raise after that incident! Lord knows, you deserve one after that! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

That is pretty much it regarding my personal life this week. So now let’s talk about some actual updates.

Regarding the visual novels that I have planned to review, I decided to start with OZMAFIA!!. I already started the first route, Caramia’s, so you can pretty much expect me to post it’s first route review in about a week or so. Maybe before then. I’m really enjoying it thus far, but I most certainly have some things to critique. Since it’s just a route review, and not the full review just yet, I will hold off on going into a lot of details regarding certain aspects, otherwise the whole review will just be a carbon copy of all the route reviews. Like I mention on the Review page, the full review of a visual novel and the individual route reviews are structured the same, but tackle each element differently.

After I finish OZMAFIA!!, I’m thinking of playing Sound of Drop -fall into poison- next, but if anyone is interested in me getting to one of the other visual novels I have planned next instead, then I probably will consider changing that. Just leave a comment below. It definitely will take me a while to finish OZMAFIA!! though. There are 10 routes and well, there’s a lot of material. Heck, I’m still technically in the common route.

Also, the Oz family trio, Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel, all have a “love-triangle” in their routes with the target guy and one of the other two guys. So we kind of have two possible choices for Caramia’s route, having Kyrie or Axel as Caramia’s love rival, and the same holds true for the other two guys in their routes as well. So, I’ll be playing it for a while. (´꒳`∗)

That rounds up this week’s update. As always minna-san, stay frosty. ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬


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