sol’s Ranting Space #1 – A Bad Day with a Touch of a Hilarious Message

I feel like whenever I blog, there is always something I rant about. So time for a ranting space, cause people need to vent and I am only human.

Well, I believe we all have those days, am I right? You know, those days where everything goes wrong, because the universe is plotting your demise behind your back and it feels like the next crack will break your back and then you will fall into black hole and return to nothingness? Well my day wasn’t that bad, but if any one feels like the above… I am sorry, but I just have no words of comfort other than… I hope ya feel better!

My day was more salty than anything really. lol
I’d honestly rather talk about something more happy and filled with rainbows, but… meh, screw that. ( ̄▽ ̄*)

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