sol’s Ranting Space #1 – A Bad Day with a Touch of a Hilarious Message

I feel like whenever I blog, there is always something I rant about. So time for a ranting space, cause people need to vent and I am only human.

Well, I believe we all have those days, am I right? You know, those days where everything goes wrong, because the universe is plotting your demise behind your back and it feels like the next crack will break your back and then you will fall into black hole and return to nothingness? Well my day wasn’t that bad, but if any one feels like the above… I am sorry, but I just have no words of comfort other than… I hope ya feel better!

My day was more salty than anything really. lol
I’d honestly rather talk about something more happy and filled with rainbows, but… meh, screw that. ( ̄▽ ̄*)


Let’s talk about the place I work.

So I think I’ve already established in a past post that I’m looking for a new part-time job. Well, originally I was going to just stay where I was since balancing that with my classes was doable and it wasn’t like I was completely suffering. So I figured I’d just deal with that assistant manager, it isn’t like I talk to him or see him often so whatever. Ah, but guess what I just learned today, with not too much of a notice… let’s just say, without giving too many details, me and some others will be out of the job (no, I wasn’t fired or laid off). (-_-)ゞ゛

Well, time to seriously look for a new job! This may not seem like too much of a big deal, but the reason I’m so salty about this and just feel the need to vent is that I’m already dealing with some personal issues regarding getting shit together for school due to some major delays in acquiring some much needed documents and freaking out over that and then I get this news. Ahahaha… it hurts to laugh. Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ”
To add to the saltiness, this was also one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. Like you fall out of bed, stub your toe, break a nail, break your back and have a killer migraine to top it off. What I’m getting at is this is one of those days where the only salvation is your bed. Just an average rough day that everyone goes through once in a while.

I am glad my job didn’t wait until the very very last minute to tell us, but it would have been nice to have more advance notice, cause I’m juggling so many things as it is and having someone throw another object into the mix doesn’t help me in the least when I’m pressed for time on something else just as, if not more important, as is.

But never mind that, let’s talk about something priceless! This isn’t a rant, “per se.” This is just something I found hilarious that I do want to share because I just find this hysterical and cannot stop laughing and I just want to joke about it so much and this is just good “Story Time with sol” material! ٩̋(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

I know the internet is filled with demon children running rampant as they throw temper tantrums while hidden behind the mystic veil of anonymity. That is a given and sorrowful truth about the internet. But I will be honest and say I have surprisingly never encountered anyone that bad. Heh, shocking, I know… cause it’s the internet and people can be pricks. Now I’ve seen them, childish comments and hateful attacks on people. I just never had any directed at me before.

Truthfully I’m very sensitive usually, and I do get angry easily as well. But at the very least, I control my emotions when dealing with… well let’s just call them what they are, immature brats and/or (wo)man-children. To be frank, I imagined that when the time ever came when I dealt with someone that doesn’t know how to be courteous and chooses to be hurtful and even attack me for no reason whatsoever, I’d be genuinely hurt… AHAHAHAHAHA! I learned today that I actually don’t give a flying fudge unicorn!

In all seriousness, I ain’t got time to deal with little kids that claim I “ignored” them, when I don’t even know what it was I ignored regarding them. I don’t intentionally ignore anyone, in general. This all took place on Wikia, where I was just contributing on a wiki I am a bureaucrat on, minding my own freaking business and then some kid shows up and randomly leaves me this message with a conversation topic of “Go to hell.” Well hello to you too! I’m sorry, I think I’m out of touch with children these days, is “go to hell” the new “how are you my sunshine! 8D”

I don’t really get what this kid’s deal is, but I’m just going to take a wild guess and assume based on the choice of words that he/she is upset that I didn’t contact them over something, I think in regards to affiliation. I guess they are an admin on some other wiki based on their words. I honestly don’t know, I’ve asked for them to enlighten me, but have yet to receive a reply. I know that I’m joking around here, but just know that I did take this seriously when actually dealing with it. I don’t add oil to the fire, that helps 0% of the time after all. In times like these, the best thing to do is to kill them with kindness. Or be overly polite. I should really take my own advice, because I’m more salty polite with a touch of calm the flying fudge nugget down. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

Either way, let’s put the jokes aside for now and start getting into a serious discussion now. This took place on a wiki, so this wasn’t a place to really get into an argument, that’s unprofessional. Keep in mind, by the way, that this is a relatively new wiki we are talking about with little information to contribute at the time and so there are few visitors to the wiki. Even so, if this person is an admin, they should act accordingly and in a professional manner and talk things out like an proper adult. If you cannot even do that and proceed to vandalize the wiki (or whatever site) that you are on (erasing an entire page’s contents just to write “fuck off” and editing their own profile to tell someone to go “fuck themselves”), you have absolutely no business being trusted with some exclusive features that average users are not able to access. What’s next, going to get into an edit war with a user on your own wiki, or use your privilege as an admin to lock an article for something as minor as you don’t like their edits? I DEFINITELY would not appoint someone who blows up over something as trivial as me not having any time to contact them because of my personal issues mentioned above, that type of person is completely untrustworthy. Good thing I don’t frequent whatever wiki they may be in charge of, because that is purely just a child throwing a temper tantrum who needs their butt swatted and sent to time out.

And here I must humbly say that I’m being quite generous. This person already broke three of the most basic and common rules you can find on any wiki: 1) Don’t use foul language, 2) Don’t vandalize the wiki, and 3) Don’t attack another user. I have plenty of reasons to ban them on the spot, and I probably should. Now had there been another user on the wiki that was being attacked, I would, cause I’m not down for that. You can attack me if you like, but I won’t tolerate seeing another user get bullied or harassed. Since it’s just me they lashed out at, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that this is a child throwing a tantrum because he/she wasn’t noticed for whatever reason. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

I replied politely asking them to explain to me what they were referring to, because I don’t have any clue as to why some user I have never spoken with before a day in my life, nor I have done anything to without contact, is harassing me. As an admin, I’ve told them that crass language and vandalism will not be tolerated and if they continue to be disruptive, I will have ban them for a month. I’ve even told them that if there was something I have done to offend them, then to discuss this with me in a professional manner. Don’t just automatically assume that you were ignored for God knows what and then lash out at me and leave. I may not care if someone attacks me and tries to be hurtful, but even with that said, I have enough respect for myself as a human being to not allow others to disrespect me.

Also, news flash here kid, an admin is NOT in CHARGE of a wiki. We don’t run a wiki, we may manage a few things to keep the wiki going, but we are mainly just there to keep things in order to prevent things like this and worse.

Sigh. I’m done guys and I feel better too, it helps to vent. If you read the entire post, props to you! I seriously didn’t expect to vent that much, but whatever. I don’t really vent a lot, I may go in spurts, but sometimes as humans we all need to really just let out all the frustration to make ourselves feel better. I may have said that the comment and actions of that user was hilarious, and while it is pretty damn funny, it is also just cringe-worthy and… well downright pitiful. I know damn well it is common for people to be hateful on the internet and it is mainly only because they are hiding behind the monitor of a computer… that is their only strength and it’s kind of sad. I’m not going to lie, being behind a monitor gives me strength as well. I’m incredibly shy and socially awkward in person, but online I am actually capable of expressing myself more since I’m not fully capable of doing so face-to-face with another human being. However, I’m not about to go and be a coward and attack someone online, I wouldn’t do that anyway. It’s hurtful and I don’t see the benefit of trying to put someone down. Furthermore, if that is something that satisfies you, that is not a good sign and I hope you get the help you need.

Well that got deep real fast. Really though guys, try to be a little more mature if you have an issue with someone. Don’t assume that someone has done wrong. If you contact someone and they don’t respond, don’t assume they hate you or don’t want to talk to you. It just may be that they never saw your message or don’t have the time. When it comes down to what this person was accusing me of ignoring, if it is what I think it was, that was my finals week and I had to put everything down and study so I could ace my exams, which is a heck of a lot more important than dealing with affiliating some wikis, so… chill dude. I hope we can settle whatever this dispute is as adults.

Well as usual… stay frost, minna-san! Don’t kill each other over trivial matters, play nice. Remember the Golden Rule! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ


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