Namida no Nai Sekai (English Lyrics) – AAA

Namida no Nai Sekai
A World Without Tears

Vocals: AAA
Lyrics: Kyasu Morizuki
Composition: Hirofumi Hibino
Arrangement: ats-, Toru Watanabe, Takehito Shimizu


Nee tamerai gachi na futari
Hey, the two of us who are hesitating

Chuu wo mau yubi ga
With our fingers fluttering in the air,

Sou fureau toki
Yes, the moment they touched

Hajimari no itoshi sa wo shitta yo
I knew of love for the first time

Nee seikai to machigai no aimai na sakai
Hey, the ambiguous boundary between right and wrong

Sou fumikoetete mo
Yes, even if we were to cross over it

Kitto dare mo wakaranai
Surely no one would know

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Updates and Random Gibberish~

It’s been so long since I’ve actually posted a blog post that I actually have absolutely no idea on how to start it… So, uh… hiya! Yeah, I know it’s so original. (;¬_¬)
I don’t really know what I’m doing here, to be honest.

Down to business. Reviews aside, as I mentioned back in a post I made in September of 2016, I’m now going to translate Japanese lyrics to English. I’m not going to go into it all here, I’ve already done that, so I’m going to be lazy and make you read the old post if interested. In case the link wasn’t obvious, it’s right here -> (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Currently, of the lyrics I have listed as, coming soon, they are all done. To be honest, they’ve actually BEEN done. I just haven’t gotten around to posting them yet. You can view all the lyrics available on the Lyrics Translations tab at the top, or if you are lazy like me, right here: More obvious link!
Right now, I don’t take requests. My reasons are as I have stated in the aforementioned post in the second paragraph.
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This song is the main theme of the anime movie, Accel World INFINITE∞BURST.

Lyrics: KOTOKO
Rap Lyrics: motsu
Composition: Satoshi Yaginuma
Arrangement: Satoshi Yaginuma


小さな手の平 君へそっと伸ばした
Chiisana tenohira kimi he sotto nobashita
I gently stretched out my small hand to you,

僕は笑って独りだったこの手 重ねるから…
Boku wa waratte hitori datta kono te kasaneru kara…
But since I was laughing all alone, I laid my hand down…

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Thousand Tears (English Lyrics) – Ceui

Thousand Tears

This song is featured on Ceui’s album, Pastel Eden, Track 06.

Vocals: Ceui
Lyrics: Ceui
Composition: Ceui
Arrangement: Ceui


強く強く願う 想いの粒が
Tsuyoku tsuyoku negau omoi no tsubu ga
This strong, strong wish of an ounce of my feelings

あてどもなく 夜宙をさまよう
Atedomo naku yozora wo samayou
Wanders around the night, without rushing

だけどきっと 近づいているよね
Dakedo kitto chikadzuite iru yo ne
However, it is surely approaching

今日を笑って 振り返る日まで
Kyou wo waratte furikaeru hi made
Until the day we can look back on today

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INNOCENT (English Lyrics) – Asriel


This is the ending theme song for the 11eyes -Resona Forma- visual novel.

Vocals: Asriel
Lyrics: Asriel
Composition: Keisuke Kurose
Arrangement: Yukinari Shioda, Jun Murakami


君の瞳 深い色に
Kimi no hitomi fukai iro ni
A deep color is reflected in your eyes

Yoku nita keshikidatta
Just like a familiar landscape

目を逸らして 向かう先は永過ぎる想いの檻
Me wo sorashite mukau saki wa naga sugiru omoi no ori
While averting my eyes, I go forward and pass through my feelings

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