sol’s Weekly Update #3

So last week there wasn’t an update. Because of work, for one, but mainly because there really wasn’t anything to update, let alone talk about. Yeah I know, I’m less entertaining than an old guy beating a tree with a stick, but you know what, nothing beats that.

Blog Update
So recently I found out about this pretty neat app called, Duolingo. In case the name itself didn’t give you any ideas about what it’s for, it’s an app that helps you learn different languages. They have a pretty nice selection, and I think they’re still adding some languages as they just added Japanese about a week ago, or so I heard. It’s completely free and I heard about it from one of my mother’s co-workers, who heard that I was currently studying Japanese independently and was looking into buying Rosetta Stone as an efficient learning method.
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sol’s Weekly Update #2

Back for another weekly update! There really isn’t much to cover this week at all. But, I do have a few updates to share.

First, I completely finished OZMAFIA!!, and so I’m currently working on the reviews. Originally, I was intending on posting reviews one at a time as I completed each route, but I found myself unable to stop playing. But it’s a good thing I did, given how the routes and the visual novel as a whole is written out, otherwise if I’m to be so honest, I’d probably give the majority of the routes a very low rating. I’ll admit, the visual novel has some major flaws, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Actually, I loved it despite it’s flaws, but I’m sure there are some who may differ in that regard if certain things bug them. The reviews will be popping up here over the course of the next few weeks.
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sol’s Weekly Update #1

As I mentioned before in an earlier post, I will try and do weekly updates. These updates will be posted on Sundays, which to me is pretty much the end of the week (I always go Monday-Sunday, I know some people go Sunday-Saturday though…)

The posts for the weekly update will pretty much just consist of a lot of random events that have happened in the duration of the week. It will also include updates on things I’m working on, such as reviews or anything else I plan on posting later. I’m trying to be more active here, so hopefully this will light a fire under my butt and get things rolling. Even though I still have so much on my plate already, I do enjoy posting here on this blog, so I would like to put more effort into it.

So now that the introduction to the whole purpose behind these weekly posts, let’s get started with it.
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